We are talking about natural mind stimulants here. Nutrients available in nature and foods help boost mental activity to a great extent, either for a short time or a longer duration with prolonged use. The best part about natural mind stimulants is that they have little to no side effects, and if they do, then they are all positive. Let’s take a look at the mind stimulants available in nature and exactly how they affect the brain.

  •       GINKGO BILOBA: Europe seems to have already caught on to the benefits of consuming this wonder herb. Though the herb does not directly affect the brain and mental memory, the activities it is associated with help with stimulating the mind. Ginkgo biloba helps with circulation of blood flow to the brain. We are aware that blood flow is important for the proper functioning of the brain because it carries important nutrients like oxygen and other components of the blood imperative for a healthy brain. An important research carried out found that after just 6 weeks of consuming this super herb on a daily basis, memory of those patients who earlier suffered its loss was 25% stronger! They were able to concentrate better, were more alert and they were able to retain information better. Imagine that!
  •       GINSENG: Ginseng has multiple benefits for the body as a whole. When it comes to mind stimulation, it helps boost energy that is required for prolonged memory use. It is known that if you are using your mental capacity for a long time, it tends to diminish. By drinking ginseng tea at regular intervals, you will feel the physical and mental boost take place within you. Ginseng, like ginkgo biloba, helps with the oxygen flow that is important for keeping the brain healthy and whole.
  •       CAYENNE: Cayenne is a spicy herb that has been used for centuries by herbalists and other natural medicine therapy doctors because of its multiple benefits. One of the main benefits of consuming cayenne is that it is useful for blood circulation. As already discussed, blood circulation is important because it is through the blood that oxygen and other nutrients are carried to the brain for maximum functioning. Cayenne is one of the best aids for this. A little sprinkle of this magic herb in lemon water in the morning or in your food will not only add to flavor, but also help with mind stimulation.
  •       NUTMEG: This spice is quite a wonder element for brain functioning. It contains two components: myristicin and macelignan that help with the health of the brain. They help slow down or prevent the degradation of the nerves that are associated with cognitive functioning and memory loss. For those who have a family history of Alzheimer’s or who are patients themselves, it is recommended that you consume nutmeg regularly in your diet, though not a lot, because it could affect your liver.

It is important to consume foods and herbs that are readily available in nature. Not only will they help with mental activity, they also have other health benefits that no other nutrient made in a laboratory could ever hope to match. However, make sure that you consume these in moderation, because otherwise they might cause some negative side effects, as in the case of nutmeg that could affect the liver if taken in larger quantities. No matter what you decide, remember to first contact an expert who will be able to prescribe the appropriate dosage for you.

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