Man is known to beat a stressful situation through what is scientifically called “Fight or Flight”. In either of the scenarios, there is an adrenaline rush that occurs that causes the stressful individual to either retaliate or to run away from the situation. So first let us examine exactly what happens when you find yourself “stressed out”. First your brain triggers that there is a scary situation and alerts the rest of your body. What happens next is something that you should take into consideration every time you feel stressed – the glucose in the body that is meant for digestion and for other regular functioning of the body is diverted to the parts of the body that need to respond to the stressful situation. Imagine in this day and age where we tend to stress about almost everything happening in our lives. With continuous stressing and worry, we are unknowingly wearing our body down. This will actually make you age faster, and hence those who are caught up with life too much end up looking and feeling older much sooner than those who take it easy.

One of the most important ways that you can reduce stress is first asking yourself: Is it worth it? A situation that today may seem to be the biggest mountain you’ve faced so far would tomorrow be an experience that you learnt from and grew from. So think before you stressed. Another way to reduce stress is to stop consuming mood-altering substances like coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar, cigarettes, etc. “Calming” drinks like tea are actually mildly addictive, so anything that you are taking in to feel calm or basically just change your mood are triggers you should watch out for.

A natural ingredient that you can consume to help cope with stress is chlorophyll. This nutrient that helps plants get their green colour is a wonder substance. One of its main functions is to carry oxygen through your body that is very important for health. Those who are into a wellness lifestyle swear by chlorophyll because it helps with stress as well and in no way alters your mood. It increases energy that assists with managing stress and also helps your mind to function better. You can add the powdered substance to your regular meals or to milkshakes to consume it or just swallow the capsules for improved body functioning.

Organic coconut oil is fast becoming the fat of choice to those who want to live a healthier lifestyle. It immediately improves energy levels and helps with the smoother functioning of the body. If you read up on the entire benefits of coconut oil, you will be amazed at how many uses it has! It can be applied topically, which aids in smoother skin and keeps pests and skin diseases at bay and can also be consumed. One of the major benefits of organic coconut oil is that it does the opposite of other oils – this wonder substance actually helps boost energy levels which are essential to make to make you feel better.

It is very important that you make sure that you are consuming all these substances in moderation. Approach a dietician or medical expert to find out if it is fine for you to consume these natural ingredients and in what quantity. No matter what the dosage, you will immediately begin to notice that your life seems to run smoother and you have energy for longer periods of time.

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