Mind stimulants are becoming more popular these days. There are a lot of people turning to substances that boast of enhancing the capacity of the mind. Some of these substances are considered illegal, like drugs like cocaine and amphetamine, while others are medically approved for improving the mind. Nonetheless, it is always better to naturally involve mind improvement nutrients into your diet and lifestyle, instead of taking over-the-counter pills that might have adverse side effects with prolonged use. Here is a list of nutrients that are part of the everyday diet that will be easily consumable and involved in an overall healthy lifestyle.

  1.      Walnuts & Almonds: It is said that nature already provides us with every nutrient we would ever need to live a better life. Two of the main foods that you need to eat regularly are walnuts and almonds. Walnuts are already shaped like a brain, so you get the idea of what they are useful for. Walnuts & almonds both are great for helping improve your memory and aid with concentration. These are delicious nuts and can be added to any salad or yoghurt recipe that you love. Just a handful a day is enough to pack in the nutrition you would need for naturally stimulating your mind,
  2.      Oils: Health conscious people usually stay away from oil because they feel it has no other use apart from making someone obese. However, it is not the substance by itself. It is actually how you use it that can either contribute positively to your health or have adverse effects. When you use it in limited quantity, the right oils actually help with your brain. They “lubricate” it, making functioning of the brain that much easier. Oils also contain great nutrients like vitamin E that are effective for smoothening skin as well as aiding the brain. Instead of using oil to fry your food that can be unhealthy, try drizzling some of it on your salad or on top of healthy dips and other food.
  3.      Salmon & Mackerel: Nothing fishy about the benefits of fish! When you eat fish like salmon and mackerel, you are doing a big favor to your body. They contain a number of great nutrients, one of which is docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). This wonder acid helps with stimulating the neurons in all the right ways. So unlike the psychotropic drug that makes life an illusion, these actually help with the brain “firings” and keep your head sharp. You can grill the fish or add them into salads or even shallow fry them for tasty dishes that assist your mind as well.
  4.      Kale & Spinach: Not a long time ago, celebrities all over were endorsing the wonders of kale. And rightly so. Green leafy vegetables contain that one ingredient that gives them their vibrant color – chlorophyll. In case you still remember what you learnt in school, you will know that this nutrient helps with transporting oxygen to all the right parts of your body. It helps the flow of things within your system to reach your brain, thereby enhancing the brain’s activities by keeping it healthy. Do not hesitate to eat your greens, as your mom was right. They do not have any “fat” in them and only improve your health with consumption. You can include them into your morning protein shake or just steam them and enjoy a wonderful salad.
  1. Whole Grains: Without all the processing that goes on with whole grains, you can eat the whole thing and experience health on a whole new level. These not only have nutrients that aid with digestion, making you feel fuller for longer and thereby assisting with a healthy diet, they also have vital vitamins for the brain. For those who may be allergic to gluten, go for the gluten-free options like soy and oats. These will help with stimulating the brain and keeping you healthy for longer.

Other healthy ingredients that you can include into your diet are peanuts (or a yummier version of it – peanut butter), sunflower seeds, berries, etc. The main thing to remember is that the more natural you go and the better you eat – watching what you’re eating – will really go a long way for your brain and overall health. A healthy head is essential for other parts to function as well, so do not hesitate to throw away ready-to-eat packets and imbibe a fresh culture to your diet.

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