For those of you who need your morning cup of coffee or tea, this article is made for you! Alternatively, those of you who need an excuse to start rolling with the caffeine crowd, here are some valid reasons why you should start today!

First of all, anything is excess is not good for you. If you find that you cannot function without consuming a particular substance, you need to take a step back and ask yourself if you are slowly getting addicted. This is just a word of caution; don’t get paranoid! Now, let’s take a look at the mind stimulating benefits first of tea and then of coffee.


Since the discovery of the epic relationship between tealeaves and boiling water, humankind has never looked back being seeped into this steeped beverage. Tea is rightly known as the warm drink that calms the nerves and these days is known to help with weight control as well. The benefits of tea begin at the boiling process. The unique aroma that it gives off stimulates the senses. When consuming it, tea immediately begins to calm the nerves and take someone in. With regard to the chemical effect that tea has, we are already familiar with its most famous component – caffeine. It also contains tannins – the chemical found in wine that has a pleasurable effect on the mind. When it comes to caffeine, consuming tea means that you are improving blood flow through your body that ultimately reaches the brain and helps in its functioning. It also helps improve the mind because it is a great stimulant. Another important natural ingredient in tea is Theanine. Through medical research it has been observed that it breaks the brain-blood barrier and has a direct effect on the dopamine and serotonin levels of the mind that help with calming and concentration.


Coffee is the beverage of choice for those who live hectic lives. Cafés have opened up at every corner and patrons flock from morning to evening, standing in lines to wait for their turn at the cup of magic. It has been concluded by research that coffee, or to be more specific, caffeine is responsible for keeping people awake and stimulating the mind. Directly after consumption, coffee drinkers feel a hike in concentration and are able to work faster. The downside of drinking too much coffee is that it makes one feel addicted. People start associating caffeine with alertness and cannot function without their first morning cup. This signals the brain that if coffee is not consumed, work cannot be done. Also, caffeine interferes with moods because it is associated with dopamine and serotonin, both important factors that deal with a mood life and sleepiness. For those who drink too much coffee, there would be disturbances with their sleep and they will find themselves affected by mood swings. A good tip for those who do not want to stay off coffee is to divide your consumption. Instead of ordering that venti in the morning, try a smaller size and keep consuming these shots throughout the day. Also, try to not consume coffee a few hours before sleeping because it would keep you up for longer.

The important thing to remember about both tea and coffee is that too much of a good thing is bad. Drinking these within limit or on occasion is fine. Alternatively you can choose healthier options to gain energy by living a healthy lifestyle. Tea and coffee are also linked to gastro issues, so if you have an acidity or digestion problem, it is advised that you do not consume tea or coffee, or a minimal amount if absolutely necessary. Learn more about these two beverages from a medical practitioner and by conducting your own research.

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