Mind stimulants are chemicals that work on the brain and enhance its functioning.

Within your marvellous brain are neurons that act as neurotransmitters, transporting messages from your mind to the rest of your body. Daily functions such as digestion, working of your organs and your emotional balance are all determined by the flow of neurotransmitters. The main chemicals that are required as part of this complex process are dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. When released, the body feels relaxed and happy, elevating the mood.

Mind stimulants are created to basically give a boost to the secretion of these natural chemicals. They are actually meant for those who have mental issues and in imbalance in the automatic release of these chemicals. For this purpose, mind stimulants were medically prescribed for the normal functioning of the body. You see, when these chemicals are not properly secreted, the mind becomes lethargic and there is a feeling of loss of energy and listlessness.

However, when regular people, who technically did not need these pills, started using them they widely came to be known as drugs. The reason being that these medications were only meant for those facing a chemical imbalance, but when used by those who have a regular functioning of neurotransmitters, the result was like a euphoric, explosively happy feeling that could not be attained in normal circumstances. These mind stimulants started getting associated with the party scene where people needed that extra boost of energy. However, the epidemic of consuming mind stimulants without a prescription started spreading, and people living regular lives began consuming them to become more “efficient”.

The main reason people starting abusing mind stimulants is because of the effects they bring that are attached to natural mood altering chemicals in the brain. Once the brain is accustomed to the super-secretion of the “feel-good” chemicals, without them the mind feels out of place and the result is the user becomes depressed. The cautionary advice is to only consume mind stimulant medication when prescribed by a medical expert. The long-term side effects of abusing these medicines are that you end up feeling like a slave to them and cannot carry on your daily activities without them.

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Image Source: project7thgrade.org