Hacks To Boost Mental Activity Instantly

In the book The One Thing, Gary Keller and Jay Papasan have dedicated an entire chapter on productivity and how to harvest it to its full potential. The truth is that we don’t have the same levels of energy throughout our day, so we got to make the most of the limited supply and push our achievements to the max. While it is nearly impossible to successfully complete everything on our to-do list on a regular basis, we can do as much as we can to reach our goals.

Here are Hacks To Boost Mental Activity Instantly through effective steps:

Wake Up Early

Most of us tend to start our days late and end them the same way. Those of us who consider ourselves “creative” tend to keep the quietest hours of the day – between 1am and 4am as our time. Though this is great initially and really gives us a head-start on our projects, it is scientifically proven now that our steam will run out much faster. Our bodies are timed to work when the sun is out and get some serious shut-eye when the moon makes an appearance. If we force our internal clocks to switch, we will find that we get on with a lot more concentration and health issues. Try shutting down all electronic devices by 10pm and get up by 5am.

Form Habits

We are, tentatively, creatures of habit. No, most of us aren’t as neurotic as Sheldon Cooper, but also living on the other extreme of not having any direction whatsoever is soon going to leave you feeling that you have achieved nothing at all. Make sure that you at least begin the morning with a routine so even that internal clock has something to look forward to. For example, get up at a particular time, followed by brushing your teeth, drinking coffee, going for a morning run, etc. Those who practice a set routine are said to achieve more and actually live much longer as compared to those who indulge in erratic behavior.


This involves mind and physical stretching. Notice how you feel that instant burst of energy whenever you stretch in the morning? By doing something that pertains to yoga or cardio in short spurts throughout the day, you will be able to get a little more ahead than usual when it comes to work. Sitting or standing in the same position for a long time will not only harm your body, but your mind will go into this relaxed state, which affects concentration and achievement. Stretching is a good start for immediate mind stimulation.


Ever since celebrities starting endorsing yoga and meditation, people have begun to take notice of this ancient Asian practice of quieting the body, mind and spirit. When you first start practicing it, you begin to realize just how un-focused you have been all this time. By placing yourself in a comfortable position, either by sleeping or sitting, you begin to drop every other thought and focus on your breathing – in and out. When you finally open your eyes, you will feel more mentally alive and will notice this mental balance throughout the remainder of the day.


True, not everyone is a writer, not even by a long shot. But we are all comfortable penning something down in a particular language. Thoughts are constantly going in and out of our heads and many of them are lost to the infinity of our own minds. There are countless number of successful people who admit to setting aside a particular time, be it 5 minutes to half an hour, for putting down an entry in a “diary”. This important time is meant to let go of unwanted thoughts and mental images and keep stock of the ones that matter. You may never know when you get your Eureka moment.

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