Natural Stimulants Help You Stay Energised And Lose Weight Simultaneously


For those of us who love to stay fit and healthy, but struggle because of a slow metabolism. Natural stimulants can be your healthy solution. If suitably used, healthy stimulants can assist you to get into shape, also enabling us to have the required energy to do so. Weight loss is a difficult task so make sure you don’t submerge yourself into health issues while losing weight. These natural stimulants will help you loose weight and built your immune system at the same time. If consumed in excess, natural stimulants may cause health issues but if used wisely they can give you the required kick start to lose weight, while staying energized.

Some Healthy Stimulants:

• Guarana

This is the most well-known natural stimulant, which has been aptly described as natural Ritalin. Guarana’s active ingredient – guaranine which is very effective and healthy than caffeine specially in  increasing one’s energy and cognitive function.


• Ginseng

Ginseng was a herbal supplement which was very popular before guarana. Not only does Ginseng provide natural energy it also reduces blood sugar levels and improves cognitive performance.

• Taurine

Taurine is an amino acid which not only boosts stamina and performance, but even acts as a safeguard against damage to the central nervous system. Taurine supplementation has been revealed to reverse some of the harm caused by cigarette smoking and has been known to prevent heart attacks.

• Kola Nut

Kola Nut not only has mood lifting effects, it also proves to be effective in treating nausea and migraine headaches. It increases metabolism and suppresses appetite, making it a great weight loss aid too.


• Hoodia

Hoodia is a South African cactus which is used as a potent stimulant. Unlike caffeine, it does not cause jitters while it provides energy and suppresses appetite.

• Fo-Ti

Fo-ti is a plant which boosts energy levels by stimulating a portion of the adrenal glands. Even the root of the plant has healthy properties; it reduces cholesterol and prevents the arteries from hardening.


• B Vitamins

Vitamin B-12 Complex or Cobalamin is highly beneficial in boosting energy levels. Lacking this Vitamin can lead to increased risk of heart and digestive disorders.

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